Brenda Gale Warner
Brenda Gale Warner

Solo & Group Shows:

2012“Catalogue Sum 012 Brenda Warner” SummerShow July 15th - August 15th Galerie 240, Ottawa Canada - Solo

2011”Paper Roses” Fall/Winter Show Galerie 240, Ottawa Canada - Solo

2010 ”Flowers From my Secret Garden” the Underpass at Sussex and Rideau, Ottawa Canada - Solo

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”Flowers From my Secret Garden” June 1st to September 30th Galerie 240, Ottawa Canada - Solo

“Three Letter Words” - the Underpass at Sussex and Rideau, Ottawa Canada - Solo

“Back to Black” October 14th to 31st Galerie 240 Ottawa Solo Show

“Flowers From my Secret Garden” April 2nd to June 30th Galerie 240 - Solo

“Metamorphosis” January 6th - 30th ICO Gallery Tribecca New York City - Group Show

“Reflections” November 4th - 29th ICO Gallery Tribecca New York City - Group Show

“Portraits of Being Human” November 6th to 30th - Galerie 240 - with “Eamon”

“Summer Art & Music Festival” July 4th to August 2nd ICO Gallery Tribecca

“Women Who Paint” Top Ten Abstract Expressionists ArtRom Gallery Rome Italy

“Happy Trails” June 2nd to August 31st SITE Gallery, Winnipeg Manitoba - Solo - Wildlife photographs from trips in the United States to Deadwood South Dakota2007“Black and White with a Touch of Red” April 1st to 30th SITE Gallery Winnipeg Manitoba - Solo

2007“Art in Motion” May 2007 Calgary Alberta - Group Show 2006“Four Women Reflect” April 23rd to May 5th Fleet Galleries Winnipeg Manitoba


Brenda Gale Warner: Bio


Brenda  believes she was born to be  an artist. From her beginnings in Hamilton, Ontario art has always been her preferred voice. In fact, it is the art and drawing that Brenda vividly recalls from her childhood. When she was seven, she was desperate to own a 'Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw Set' which her grandfather bought for her.  Then, as she grew, while she was  successful in all of her academic pursuits, it was in the fields of Arts and Drama where she longed to be and particularly excelled.  She was compelled to exercise her creativity, and this took her down many different roads, each one a lifetime in itself. 

Primarily self-taught, Brenda also acquired her formal techniques - and honed her skills and talents - in artists' studios. One of her early career incarnations, in the 1980s, was in interior and furniture design in an exclusive design gallery in Toronto. But it was her involvement with the Art Gallery of Ontario - as a docent in the Elementary Education Department - where she again learned to see the world through the eyes of a child, which Brenda found both rewarding and enlightening.

"I describe my art as simple"  explained Brenda," I try to approach complex ideas and emotions and make them easier to understand and for me, painting has always been simpler than verbalizing these expressions." Brenda's life has been one full of triumph and tragedy - of motion and emotion. She has suffered personal losses and achieved much personal success.  Her art is her articulation of these milestones. But it was when she began to work with large canvasses that she discovered Expressionism and found another voice for her thoughts and feelings. Brenda's paintings encapsulate the full palette and tactile spectrum: from monochromatic to colourful, from textural to reflective and from sparse to compound and complex.

Brenda has travelled throughout Europe and lived across Canada. However, it was her time in Manitoba - with its wide-open spaces, wildlife and natural features - that opened up Brenda to the art of photography.

Working in sepia and black and white she likes to get up close and personal to her subjects and capture their vitality.

"I can be inspired by a word, a phrase, a place or a change in my life. I just live and breathe wherever I am and sometimes I need to put it on canvas or catch it with my lens" described Brenda. Brenda's works can be found in Corporate, Public and Private collections across Canada the United States and Europe. Calgary's Golden Mile shows two of her works and the City of Ottawa recently chose three paintings to represent the Downtown Rideau Art and Culture District. She has shown in New York and Rome where she was recently chosen one of the Top ten Exquisite Expressionists, Women Who Paint, by Artrom Gallery.

Now residing in Ottawa where her palette has come alive she finally opened the gallery of her dreams.  Guild Galerie 240, where she collects Artists.

(photos of Brenda by Jae Feinburg)

"Dancing on the Moon, Playing with the Stars"
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