Brenda Gale Warner
Brenda Gale Warner
Part of my painting to promote the importance of donating the umbilical cord.  IT IS NOT MEDICAL WASTE! "Passionate About Life"

I have been a volunteer with Canadian Blood Services since 2002.  My initial intrigue was with blood types and how that differentiates us as donors and potential recipients.  THEN I became even more intrigued with STEM CELL RESEARCH, particularly saving the umbilical cord.

Stem Cell research is fascinating, yet somewhat elementary. 

From recorded time, the umbilical cord has been preserved, revered honoured and respected by all tribes.  It held a mystical power to protect the newborn, and was kept close to the family to ward off and cure potential illness - for the whole family.    Although primitive in belief there was a deep connection and important message given by your God.   The cord is the key to life.  It brings life and carries the secrets and codes that bring life forth!  It is not medical waste.  It is not 'frankenscience' ... It is our special genetic code.  We are harming no-one when we preserve the cord.  We are helping all who need help.   But we cannot help anyone if we continue to discard the cord as MEDICAL WASTE



(and cans...)


Please learn more about our mission by following the links provided below, we are almost there!

Brenda Gale Warner

BB Warner 

"Passionate about Life" "Not Medical Waste"

As an abstract expressionist artist, the passion flower represents mother.  Intricate, mysterious beautiful but deep, connected to the golden cord of life, that carries all of the secrets of life and creation.  Simple yet, not...  Please take the time to follow the links and decide for yourself


National Public Cord Blood Bank Factoids


  • The number of Canadians waiting for a lifesaving stem cell transplant has tripled in the last five years- every day in Canada 1000 patients are searching for a stem cell match
  • Phase one of the 8 year project opened in Ottawa on September30, 2013 and we have started to collect umbilical cord stem cells at The Ottawa Hospital for transplant.
  • Phase 2 of the project includes opening additional collection hospitals in Brampton, Edmonton and Vancouver and an additional stem cell facility in Edmonton in 2014
  • Until September of this year, Canada was the only G8 country without a national public cord blood bank
  • Provincial and territorial ministries of health (except Québec) have committed to a combined investment of $48 million over eight years, which includes  $12.5 million in a fundraising commitment by Canadian Blood Services, to create a national public umbilical cord blood bank.
  • All campaign funds are being used to help support the start-up costs for the bank, while the government dollars will fund the operational costs. 
  • Only 30 per cent of people needing a stem cell transplant are fortunate enough to find a match within their family. The other 70 per cent depend on unrelated volunteer donors. 
  • Canadian is a cultural mosaic and many of our ethnic patients are the hardest to match; their best chance at finding a compatible stem cell transplant lies in umbilical cord blood. Cord blood stem cells have unique abilities that make them easier to use for transplantation, even if a match between the donor and patient cells is not perfect. 
  • All Canadians from coast to coast to coast will have access to the national public cord blood bank. 
  • This is a Canadian made solution to provide Canadian patients with access to a larger number of stem cells that are representative of our unique Canadian demographic.
  • The national public cord blood bank will consist of collection hospitals in Ottawa, Brampton (Greater Toronto Area), Edmonton and Vancouver.  Collection hospitals were chosen based on high ethnic birthrates and collectively address the issue of ethnicities being under represented on the adult stem cell registry
  • Detailed information regarding the collection hospitals and the project are at:
  • Healthy pregnant women, 18 years of age or older, 34 weeks or later in their pregnancy and not having a multiple pregnancy can donate cord blood with their signed consent.
  • To build a national public cord blood bank, fundraising is a vital part of this work. One of the key ways to help is by becoming part of Canadian Blood Services’ major financial gifts campaign, For All Canadians. For more information, visit


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